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The veganing
When you’re vegan, where do you go when you have a taste for some soul replenishing food after a night out? Some place where you can order your favorite vegan dish so you won’t have to slave over the stove after a hard days work?

Being vegan doesn’t offer you much choice in the matter, especially in the Netherlands. Where other countries like the US, Great Britain and Australia offer vegan alternatives to a great extent, us Dutchies are still catching up.

In the Netherlands we are raised with the idea that a meal without meat is not a meal. That vegan food is only for those who wear hand-knitted socks and brown leather sandals. That might have been the case back in the day, but we've changed quite a bit since then.
We are destroying our planet
Bite per bite
We love our planet and as frequent divers we see the damage global warming does to our oceans. A staggering decrease in variety of sea creatures and our beautiful colorful coral reefs are becoming grey, dull and eventually die. Not to mention the damage that we're doing to our rainforests and wildlife.

We know preparing a nice vegan meal can take quite some time. So we are here to help! Our vegan dishes are packed with flavor, healthy nutrients and they taste damn good! Where we get our proteins? B*tch peas!

So become the hero you always wanted to be. Not only by becoming a healthier and more balanced human being, but by also helping the environment in the process.
Our products
Are vegan
Well duh! But we also took great care to create an eco-friendly packaging line which solely consists out of CRAFT paper. The lining is chemical free so you can toss it into the paper recycling bin when you’re done enjoying our food.
The next time you're hungry for a burger, think of us first. We won’t disappoint and you can fulfil your cravings guilt free!
Vegan Heroes
Food for thought!