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Our Story

Veganizing Eindhoven

Vegan Heroes if you boil it down to its essence is a love story. Not only between two people atypical to mainstream society. But very much about our relationship to nature and our choices. Created from a desire for food resembling our favorite fast food but minus the cruelty aspect. Showing Eindhoven that plant-based products can and will fuel all the desires non vegan products do and more.

Vegan heroes started in early 2019 as a dark kitchen at Strijp-S, Eindhoven. As soon as our doors opened we exploded, and not much later the location opened for takeaway and eventually as a restaurant. After almost two years with many ups and many downs, Vegan Heroes still is Eindhoven’s vegan sweet heart with a sassy and brassy attitude and a rebellious nature. Indulgent, delicious, accessible and with a lot of heart. Because that is what Vegan Heroes represents, the future, filled with kindness, compassion but a little vulgar and a little spicy.

If you barely taste the difference, why choose cruelty? Do better by making better choices as small actions, collective have a big impact. Not all heroes wear capes and together we can do better by each other and our planet. Be your own hero, one rebellious bite at a time.

Let’s be vegan heroes together for a better tomorrow.

Because we all deserve better, don’t we?

The new normal is sexy vegan goodness.

Fresh, Fierce and F*cking good.

Whether we want to believe it or not, we need to take action in order to make sure our planet stays inhabitable for our future generations. One way is making better food choices. Leave the steak and the animal cruelty and making a concious choice. Make a vegan choice, so the children of our children will still have a home. 


Choosing vegan is not just making a more concious choice considering food. It is adjusting your life to make space for kindness, compassion and caring.

Our restaurant is open, reservations are not required!



Rumbly in your Tumbly

Let’s get ready to rumbleeee… in the ring this heavyweight champion is still undefeated. Either a dutch delight or beyond meat burger with homemade spicy sriracha mayo, onion rings, double vegan cheddar, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, spring onion, fried onion and pickle.


Dutch balls

Balls to the wall, oranje boven. These traditional dutch ‘bitter’ balls are a national staple. Six balls including homemade tangy mustard mayo.



Do you believe in magic? Get ready for this sexy trick ‘cause you won’t believe that this is vegan! Wrap covered in our homemade drippin’ sauce, filled with vegan döner, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red cabbage, jalapeños, red pepper, red onion and fried onion.


Kimchi Karbdashian

Keeping up with the karbs Vegan Heroes style. A lot of fermented junk in the trunk. Either with golden fries or sweet potato fries, served with homemade spicy wasabi mayo, vegan shawarma, grated vegan cheese, kim chi, red cabbage, jalapeños, red pepper, spring onion and fried onion.


Sweet ‘N Shy potato fry

Sweety… I am homo… Or Hetero.. Or bi/pan. We don’t judge and neither do these are all inclusive sweeties. Just to jazz up dinnertime!


Basic b*tch

The name might suggest plain Jane but this bitch is more than just basic. A small price for a good time. A smokey burger with homemade tangy mustard mayo, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and pickle.

Don’t just take our word for it..

What People are Saying

“Genius fastfood”

De plek voor alle vegans, en niet-vegans, die op zoek zijn naar overheerlijke vegan fast food! Leuke locatie en het eten is verrukkelijk. Zelfs niet vegan vrienden smullen van de burgers en de kapsalon van Vegan Heroes. Eat your heart out!

-Joep van Ewijk

“Funny names, heavenly food.”

Heerlijk gegeten met mijn man en zoon. De namen van de gerechten waren grappig, de gerechten hemels. Lekker no fuss food in een no fuss kader.

-Mieke vd W.

“The place for vegans and non-vegans.”

“Geniaal fastfood, dikke aanrader en ga er zeker vlug heen om af te halen als ik weer in Eindhoven ben❤️ alles is vegan 😍

-Ankie van Kasteren

“Everything made with love. Worth the effort.”

Heb al verschillende keren genoten van het eten van VeganHeroes. De Beyond Meat burger met zoete aardappel friet is erg aan te raden en ook de Shawarma Mia viel in de smaak. Omdat ze populair zijn en alles met liefde wordt gemaakt, kan het zijn dat je iets langer moet wachten. Maar dat is zéér de moeite waard! Keep up the good work! 💪💚

-Tom Brouwers

Other things & thangs

Vacancies & other news

Vegan Heroes x Viola's Patisserie

The word is out! We are partnering up with the stunning people at Viola’s Patisserie. We’ll be bringing you 5 different high quality, day fresh, limited availability desserts that will be a perfect after diner delight. We start with 2 chocolate base desserts on the 4th of June and once our restaurant opens you’ll have access to the full range. Just vegan f*cking fantastic. Visit our socials for more photos, information or question.

Looking for a job? Always wanted to work in a vegan company? Don’t hesitate and send an email to

Hours of Operation


16:30h – 19:30h

14:00h – 21:00h



For questions about your order you can contact us on +316 83 17 88 97. For other inquiries please use the contact form next to this.


Vegan? Lettuce know!

Address: Willemstraat 19, 5611HB Eindhoven
Phone number: +316 83 17 88 97

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